American Weldquip’s consumables act as a team to provide longest life you expect from MIG welding consumables.  To help reduce your inventory requirements our torches and replacement goosenecks utilize a “Common Platform” which is designed to utilize the same nozzle, tip, diffuser and liner.

Whether used exclusively on American Weldquip torches or our OEM competitive replacement necks the thread-on nozzle system, in combination with genuine American Weldquip contact tips and diffusers, work together as a team to provide cooler operation and extended life.

►   THREAD-ON NOZZLE SYSTEM - Our nozzles are machined from solid bar stock, in both brass and copper, which provide the heaviest wall in the industry.   The heavy walled, nickel plated nozzles thread directly on the gooseneck to provide cooler operation and a longer lasting nozzle system.  The course thread, fixed position design feature insures a constant tip to nozzles relationship and consistent welding parameters.

►    GAS DIFFUSERS – Machined from brass the American Weldquip diffusers have been engineered for long life and efficient gas flow characteristics.

    CONTACT TIPS – Heavy-duty, course threaded contact tips are designed to provide extended life and insure a superior electrical connection to the tip holder/diffuser.  Several styles and materials, including our HRT- HEAT RESISANT TECHNOLOGY EXTENDED LIFE Tips are available to fit your application. 


   AMERICAN WELDQUIP introduces the HRT - HEAT RESISTANT TECHNOLOGY Extra Long Life Contact Tips that are proven to outlast standard C12200 Copper and Copper Chrome Zirconium Contact Tips.

The HRT contact tips provide the ideal combination of hardness, conductivity and high temperature stability.  The special tip material formulation maintains its hardness at elevated temperatures thus offering superior wear characteristics and electrical conductivity.

    *    Superior hardness and wear resistance.

    *    High electrical conductivity for improved arc starting.

    *    High performance, unaffected by higher operating temperatures.

    *    Outperforms other tip materials

            °  5X the life over C122000

            °  3X the life over CRZR and CUCRZR

    *    Mandrel Drawn for superior bore tolerance and finish.

    *    Substantially increases scheduled cycle time tip change-outs.

    *    Lower operating costs and reduce downtime from arc failures and unscheduled tip changes.

    *    Manufactured in Sharon Center, Ohio.

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