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Monday March 23, 2020

On Sunday March 22, 2020 Ohio Governor Mike DeWine issued a “Stay At Home” order to help limit the spread of COVID-19 amid the global pandemic. The Stay at Home order is set to take effect Monday March 23 at 11:59 p.m. and last until 11:59 p.m. Monday April 6.  This order requires all “non-essential businesses” to cease operations.  Essential work includes businesses that support Defense, Transportation, Energy, Agriculture, Nuclear Facilities among others.

We would like to inform you that American Weldquip is considered an essential supplier to the above-mentioned industries.  As such, we will be in open and operating in our normal capacity and plan to continue shipping product to support these industries during these try times. 

As always, the safety of our employees is paramount, and we will continue to protect the health of our workforce.

Friday March 20, 2020

Our hearts go out to those and their families that are suffering from any illness or loss related to the virus. We wish a speedy recovery to all those people and offer our condolences where tragedy has unfortunately struck.

The impact of this historic situation will have on business will be significant.  We want to assure you that American Weldquip is doing our part to help contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus and that we will be able to manufacture and deliver product to you to meet your needs through these difficult times.

American Weldquip is continuing to monitor all the events and placing some company restrictions in response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

First and foremost is the safety and health of our employees and the prevention of the spread of the virus.  All our employees are taking the necessary precautions, such as more frequent washing of hands, increased use of hand sanitizers and staying home if they feel ill.

Second, American Weldquip will no longer allow non-essential people to visit our factory until this crisis is over.  This means that all vendor and customer meetings that are not vital to our business operation are not allowed.

Third, all American Weldquip District Sales Manager have been instructed to work from their homes. They are not allowed to make distributor or end-user calls unless it is an emergency and the visit has been requested and approved by our customers.

We would also like to assure you that American Weldquip can meet your equipment and product needs and requirements without any disruptions during the pandemic.  We have substantial inventory of materials and products available.  Since most of our products are manufactured in-house at our Ohio facility and parts and materials are sourced in the USA we do not anticipate any delivery issues at this point in time.