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OEM Compatible Replacement Goosenecks

Product Information

Whether you are looking at increasing consumables life on a competitive brand torch or to commonize consumables during conversion of your plant to AMERICAN WELDQUIP torches you can enjoy the benefits of the  WELDQUIP ADVANTAGE.

Our uniquely designed goosenecks are designed for easy replacement of existing competitive gooseneck styles.  Once changed out you will experience the durability and improved performance that you can expect from American Weldquip products.

We manufacture OEM direct replacement goosenecks for Bernard, Miller, Binzel, Fronius, Lincoln, Panasonic, OTC, Tregaskiss and Tweco. All OEM replacement goosenecks utilize the same designs as American Weldquip’s. In addition, all goosenecks utilize AWQ consumables to maximize performance and durability our customers expect.  In most cases our goosenecks are more rugged and will last longer than the OEM originals.

All OEM replacement robot goosenecks are engineered and manufactured for air or water-cooled application and to the same TCP specifications.  So you do not have to worry about any substantial reprogramming time.

Product Features


The rugged gooseneck design effectively dissipates heat by providing a continuous metal to metal path from the nozzle to the front of the handle. In the case of the air-cooled torch the entire length of the outer jacket functions as a radiator pulling the heat from the front end consumables. All AMERICAN WELDQUIP water-cooled goosenecks are designed for superior heat dissipation. The heavy-walled outer tube gives additional strength to stand up in rugged environments. There are no o-rings to leak and all water passage joints are silver soldered and 100% quality tested for leaks. The unique designs of the gooseneck, nozzle, diffuser, and contact tip function as a team to keep the front end consumables running cooler to insure longer life.


Heavy walled, armored gooseneck, flexible, crush and heat resistant vacuum hose with 3ft. leather from the front handle, heavy duty consumables, thread-on nozzles, cut, burn and abrasion resistant cable out jacket. All are durable features that will reduce downtime and maintenance costs.


The heavy walled, nickel plated nozzles thread directly on the gooseneck to provide cooler operation and a longer lasting nozzle system. The course thread, fixed position design feature insures a constant tip to nozzles relationship and consistent welding parameters.


Heavy-duty, course threaded contact tips are designed to provide excellent arc start characteristics, extended life and insure a superior electrical connection to the tip holder/diffuser.


Most of our torches are designed to utilize the same consumables to help reduce your inventory.


AMERICAN WELDQUIP will be happy to custom-design a torch to fit your specific requirements. Custom designed torches and goosenecks can normally be completed and shipped in a matter of days.

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