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Welding Fume Management

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Weld fume management is an important aspect in providing welders with a safe and comfortable work environment.  American Weldquip can help you meet, including OSHA, the necessary compliance regulations for weld fume generation to keep exposure limits within the regulation standards.

American Weldquip offers you several solutions to weld fume management.  These include fume extraction torches and the BREATH-CLEAN PAPR Powered Air Purifying Respirator.  See below for more information.

Product Features


Choose from our line of smoke extraction torches, the BREATH-CLEAN PAPR welding helmet system or both depending on your specific requirements.


"HEAT SINK" GOOSENECK TECHNOLOGY The rugged gooseneck design effectively dissipates heat by providing a continuous metal to metal path from the nozzle to the front of the handle. In the case of the air-cooled torch the entire length of the outer jacket functions as a radiator pulling the heat from the front end consumables. All AMERICAN WELDQUIP water-cooled goosenecks are designed for superior heat dissipation. The heavy-walled outer tube gives additional strength to stand up in rugged environments. There are no o-rings to leak and all water passage joints are silver soldered and 100% quality tested for leaks. The unique designs of the gooseneck, nozzle, diffuser, and contact tip function as a team to keep the front end consumables running cooler to insure longer life.

ADJUSTABLE FUME EXTRACTION Fume extraction suction is fully adjustable. The fume extraction nozzle can be positioned closer or further away from the weld arc. The suction control on the back of the front handle can be used to adjust the suction rate.

ROTATING HOSE/CABLE COUPLING The rotating hose coupling allows the extraction hose to swivel when rotating the torch handle. This provides for better welder comfort.

DURABILITY Heavy walled, armored gooseneck, flexible, crush and heat resistant vacuum hose with 3ft. leather from the front handle, heavy duty consumables, thread-on nozzles, cut, burn and abrasion resistant cable out jacket. All are durable features that will reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

THREAD-ON NOZZLES The heavy walled, nickel plated nozzles thread directly on the gooseneck to provide cooler operation and a longer lasting nozzle system. The course thread, fixed position design feature insures a constant tip to nozzles relationship and consistent welding parameters.

CONTACT TIPS Heavy-duty, course threaded contact tips are designed to provide excellent arc start characteristics, extended life and insure a superior electrical connection to the tip holder/diffuser.

COMMON CONSUMABLES Most of our torches are designed to utilize the same consumables to help reduce your inventory.

COAXIAL POWER CABLE Manufactured to exacting specifications, our air-cooled power cable assembly is made from cut resistant, burn resistant, lightweight materials. The power cable features heavy duty factory crimped cable end fittings to insure a secure, positive electrical connection, producing less electrical resistance and less heat.

HYTREL CORE TUBE ALL American Weldquip power cables incorporate a HYTREL® core tube. This core tube material offers superior kinking and impact resistance for smoother feedability and improved gas flow. In addition, the cable assembly is more durable if stepped on or crushed.

LINER SYSTEM Available in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit every wire type application.

SPRING CABLE SUPPORT Most torch assemblies incorporate a heavy duty but flexible spring cable support at both the front handle and wire feeder end of the cable assembly. This feature helps prevent feedability problems in extreme bending applications and relieve cable strain which results in increased power cable life.


Light Weight and Comfortable. Blower Units Light Weight and Slim Design is Comforable and Allows for unrestricted movements.

Adjustable 3 Level Air Flow Control ( 170, 200 and 230 lpm).

Delivers Continuous Filtered Purified Air Flow.

Various Warning for Low Battery, Low Air Flow.

Large 3.25” x 4” ADF Auto Darkening Lens with Tru-Color.

Weld Shade Adjustable from #3 to #13 and Grind Function.

Quick Release Padded Belt and Shoulder Straps.

Supplied With Two Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Ba􀆩eries.

8 Hours Life From Each Ba􀆩ery.

CE Certified

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The AMERICAN WELDQUIP smoke extraction torches are available in 300, 400, and 500 amp models and are designed for superior weld smoke removal. All models are air-cooled, lightweight, durable, well balanced, and flexible. They effectively remove 90% of smoke at the weld zone.

Designed around our robust air-cooled torch line the 347, 354, 407 and 507 Smoke Extraction torches offer some of the most desired welder appeal features. From the ergonomic handle design, rotating vacuum hose connection, and adjustable vacuum control, to the lightweight and balanced feel, the design optimizes welder comfort.

AMERICAN WELDQUIP air-cooled smoke extraction torches offer unsurpassed performance not found in competitive brands. High quality materials and workmanship go into each torch. Unique design features incorporated into our torches mean fewer repairs, lower maintenance costs and less downtime to insure a lower cost of ownership.

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The BREATH CLEAN is a PAPR Powered Air Purifying Respirator system which supplies clean, filtered, purified air during welding operations. If you are looking to help safe guard welders from potentially dangerous welding fumes the American Weldquip Breath-Clean PAPR Powered Air Purifying Respirator and helmet system can help control and prevent exposure to these fumes. The American Weldquip Breath-Clean PAPR offers a complete system that brings filtered ambient air from your shop and delivers it through the welding helmet. This keeps dangerous welding fumes from the breathable area of the welder. In addition, the flow of the filtered air helps keep welders cool under the helmet.

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