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Corporate Brochure

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Catalog Sheets & Owners Manuals

260/300/400 Amp Air-Cooled SEMI-AUTOMATIC Torches

NEW "COOL-GRIP" 400/500 Amp Air-Cooled SEMI-AUTOMATIC Torches

NEW "COOL-GRIP" 600 Amp Water-Cooled SEMI-AUTOMATIC Torches

600 Amp Water-Cooled SEMI-AUTOMATIC Torches

Welding Fume Management - Smoke Extraction Torches

Welding Fume Management - PAPR Powered Air Purifying Respirator Helmet System

300/400/500 Amp Air-Cooled AUTOMATIC Torches

450/550/600 Amp Water-Cooled AUTOMATIC Torches

300/400/500 Amp OFFSET Arm Air-Cooled ROBOTIC Torches

450/550/600 Amp OFFSET Arm Water-Cooled ROBOTIC Torches

300/500/550 Amp ArcSafe ADVANTAGE Hollow Wrist ROBOTIC System

ArcSafe XTRA-GUARD Collision Dampener

ArcSafe / Multi-Clutch

Genuine American Weldquip Consumables

HRT - Heat Resistant Technology Contact Tips

OEM Compatible Goosenecks

ROBO-QUIP Robotic Nozzle Cleaning Station

ROBO-QUIP Robotic Nozzle Cleaning Station - ETHERNET VER.

Nozzle Reamer Blades

Quip-Mist Nozzle Conditioner & Anti-Spatter

Quip-Mist Bulk Feed System

Tungsten Grinder

Blue PE / Big Blue PE and ERC / ERC-HD Wire Conduit

QCC / QCC-HD / QCC / R Wire Conduit


Wire Conduit Connectors and Adaptor Kits

Wire Conduit Accessories

Conduit Technical Data and Feedability Tips

Conduit Flow Chart / Wire Feeder Reference Guide

Wire Conduit Connection Flow Chart

Technical Info

Consumable Reference Chart

Feeder Pin Selection Chart

Consumable Change Instructions

Quip-Mist Bulk System Installation Instructions

EtherNet/IP Festo BUS NODE CTEU-EP Instructions

EthereNet/IP Festo CTEU-EP - EDS File - 20160614

EtherNet/IP FFT - Festo Field Device Tool

SDS Sheets


HRT Contact Tips

Corundum Grinding Wheels


RoHS Compliance Letter

Warranty Policy

Torch Configurator - Part Number Only

Torch Configurator with Pricing( Password Required for Access)

2020 Price List - (Password Required for Access)

2020 Excel Price List - (Password Required for Access)

FF Journal/AWQ Article March 2015

FF Journal/AWQ Article November 2017

ArcSafe Advantage / Roboquip Video