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Dean Cantrell Appointed New District Sales Manager

American Weldquip, Inc., Sharon Center, Ohio, a manufacturer of semi-automatic and robotic torches and peripherals, has appointed Dean Cantrell District Sales Manager – Mid-Atlantic Region. 

Dean Cantrell will be mainly responsible for managing activities in Eastern NY, Eastern PA, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Eastern North Carolina. Cantrell joins the company with over 35 years welding application, sales and management experience.  Prior to joining the company Dean was previously employed by IGM Robotics.

Water Cooled Semi-Automatic Torch with Integrated Flow Switch

American Weldquip, Sharon Center, Ohio recently introduced a new enhancement to its “Cool Grip” water-cooled semi-automatic line up.  All water-cooled “Cool-Grip” semi-automatic torches will now be manufactured and shipped standard with a built-in water flow switch.  

The integrated flow switch protects the torch and components against low or no water flow conditions.  If low flow is detected the trigger circuit is deactivated.  80% of water-cooled torch repairs are due to compromised water-cooled power cables because of the lack of water flow.  Most of the time this is ends up being an expensive repair. This new standard feature form American Weldquip, along with an anti-stretch cord to prevent pulling apart of cable assemblies, help end-users avoid costly repairs and downtime.   


Robotic Bulk Feed System for Quip-Mist Nozzle Conditioner and Anti Spatter

American Weldquip introduces a simplified, unique Nozzle Conditioner and Anti-Spatter bulk feed solution.  No more having to go into a robotic cell to change your anti-spatter fluid. The bulk feed system is designed to be mounted on the outside of the welding cell.  It can be hung on the cell wall screen, bolted to a solid wall or simply hung on the top of the cell wall rail. 

Plus, the 5 gallon supply gives you extended time between refills. Changeover of refills takes seconds.  Simply disconnect to supply hose from the on/off valve, lift and remove the 5-gallon Cubetainer from the hanger, install the new 5 gallon Cubetainer and reattach to hose to the (NEW) valve assembly and turn on.  

Associated Equipment Company Acquires American Weldquip

Associated Equipment Company has purchased American Weldquip of Sharon Center, Ohio effective January 1, 2018. Associated Equipment Company is the parent company of Profax-Lenco in Pearland, Texas. Profax-Lenco is an American manufacturer of torches for MIG, TIG, Flux Cored, Sub-Arc, and Arc Gouging as well as Positioning Equipment and many other types of welding products. All Operations, Sales and Management for American Weldquip will remain in Ohio.

American Weldquip Appoints District Manager

American Weldquip, Inc., Sharon Center, Ohio, a manufacturer of semi-automatic and robotic torches and peripherals, has appointed Dan Gnesda District Sales Manager – Michigan.

Dan Gnesda will be mainly responsible for managing all sales activities in Michigan.   Gnesda joins the company with over 37 years process experience in robotic and semi-automatic welding applications as well as an extensive sales and management background.  Prior to joining the company Gnesda was previously employed by Roy Smith Company, Michigan Arc Products and Thermadyne covering the Detroit Michigan Territory.

New Formula Quip-Mist Nozzle Conditioner & Anti-Spatter

AMERICAN WELDQUIP recently introduced a New and Improved formulation of its Quip-Mist nozzle anti-spatter. The QUIP-MIST nozzle conditioner and anti spatter is a completely safe, “green”, environmentally friendly product that really works.  QUIP-MIST is an exceptional performing, eco-friendly product that significantly reduces or eliminates spatter retention on weld nozzles, parts and tooling. Helps to extend the life of consumables, reduces downtime and increases productivity.

  • Available in 32oz. Spray, 1 Gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon drums.

New Robo-Quip Robotic Nozzle Cleaning Station

AMERICAN WELDQUIP introduces the new ROBO-QUIP Robotic Nozzle Cleaning Station.

The new Robo-Quip has been designed for easy installation, setup, serviceability and low operating and maintenance cost.    Features include:

  • Self-Aligning Nozzle Clamp system automatically adjusts to any nozzle outside diameter.
  • No V-Blocks or Adjustments to make when changing nozzles.
  • Simplified and easy initial setup procedures.
  • Advanced connectivity – Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, ProfiNet options available.
  • Enclosed anti-spatter chamber with excess capture battle and debris tray for cleaner work environment.
  • Larger anti-spatter reservoir (1.5 quart).
  • No exposed exterior pneumatic lines .
  • All internal electrical and Pneumatic lines are color coded to their functions for easy identification.
  • Optional Wire Cutter